Aerospace Management and Support P.C.C. (AMS AERO) was established with the mission to assure the operational capability of military and civil aircrafts and helicopters providing a wide range of solutions on Avionics, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Maintenance Training Organization (MTO).

We are targeting on delivering innovative and cost-efficient solutions to our customers worldwide by:

AMS AERO – Maintenance Training Organization (MTO) offers a range of educational programs to provide a brilliant career to students who have a vision to work in the future as Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (B1Engineers /B2 Avionics) to large aviation companies operating globally.

Our MTO program and provided licenses in accordance with the EASA safety standards and regulations ensure that our trainees are licensed to perform electronics and aviation maintenance work for “the safety of the aircraft and all passengers”.