New Year, new possibilities, new challenges,

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Partners,

2022 has been an exciting year for AMS AERO, which ended in a very positive way.

With full support from our aviation dream team, AMS AERO personnel, we fulfilled and exceeded all company’s targets. Additionally, we received the anticipated FAA Part 145 approval number ΑΜΕΥ155E.

We can look back satisfied, but set new higher targets for 2023 ahead like:

  • Delivery of 10th Global 6000 upgrade with
  • KU Band installation
  • Cabin refurbishment
  • Large/60 months inspection

Expand Base Maintenance activity on

  • Embraer 135/145,
  • Falcon 2000,
  • Cessna Citation 560 / 680
  • Bombardier family aircrafts (350/604/605/850/6000/7500)

On Defence sector, AMS AERO has concluded all 2022 contracts as planned, started new projects / contracts related to Super Puma SAR Helicopters as well as Heavy Maintenance/PDM of C-130 transport aircraft.

We are aiming to further expand and develop AMS AERO capabilities and be the “One-Stop Center of Excellence”– MRO, providing top quality solutions to our top-level customer base.

We appreciate your trust, we will keep you flying in 2023 as well.

AMS Aero (EL.147.0018) announces the exam schedule for the Part-66 AML (Basic), for the months of June and July 2022.

The exam start time will be 15:00 and the duration will be exactly as specified in the EU1321/2014 regulation for each module.
For more information please fill out the contact form


Intelligent Lightweight Composite Aircraft Container

A 3,5-year European project (Horizon 2020 – Clean Sky2), funding by European Union, coordinated by Avionics Greece SA and Aerospace Management and Support PCC, and developed by one association of companies and universities, has been completed successfully.

Our team committed to the highest level of quality in fulfilling its mission and tasks, delivered to Clean Sky 2 and AIRBUS official committees, the final product “An Intelligent Container”.

Composed mainly of aluminum and steel with dimensions 598x598x150mm and weight 90 Kg, specific container is designed to fit aircraft platforms like Airbus 320 series, but it is further considered to be developed for the air-cargo industry.

The outlined approach entailed the design, develop, manufacture and validation of a new intelligent lightweight aircraft cargo container (ULD) with integrated functions for restrain, transportation, fire/smoke suppression, with sensing and wireless monitoring capabilities.

Substantial impact is anticipated on the CleanSky program, the reduction of aircraft payload and weight, safety, maintenance, and lean aircraft operation processes. INTELLICONT will be a game changer for the air-cargo industry with substantial broader impact on air-cargo handling operations.

One-Stop-Solution MRO for aircraft

One-Stop-Solution MRO for aircraft

Our customers rely on us for providing a complete range of aircraft maintenance solutions, from line / base maintenance to major modifications, avionics / connectivity, component repairs and interior upgrades. AMS AERO experienced team can conclude complex projects, fast and efficient, meeting customers’ time frame and budget requirements.

We just delivered our fourth Global 6000 … fifth is coming!

Project’s highlights:

  • Maintenance – Aircraft’s scheduled checks and engines replacement
  • Avionics – KU BAND installation
  • Interior upgrade (cabin refurbishment)


AMS AERO has successfully concluded the 5th ADS-B Out upgrade and FANS-1/A on Bombardier Challenger aircraft, type CL604/5.

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Out (ADS-B Out) is set to revolutionize the global air traffic control infrastructure. It allows for more precise and accurate aircraft positioning in crowded airspace, as well as helping to make routes more direct – which saves time and reduces fuel consumption. 

The FANS-1/A upgrade for the Bombardier Challenger 604 aircraft enables operators to access preferred, wind-efficient trans-Atlantic routes.  

Compliance with the mandate is a necessity and should be your top priority for 2022.

ADS-B Out and FANS-1/A have been implemented worldwide because they increase safety and efficiency.

Compliance keeps your planes in the air and revenue flowing.

Don’t’ wait around until the last minute to get your avionics upgrade. This will stress the equipment supply chain and technician availability across the country.

Our Avionics installation experts will help you to find out what your airplane requires and how much the upgrade will cost. 

Contact our sales team and receive an accurate quotation and reserve your slot.

Carbon Neutral Bombardier Global 6000 - Painting

– Another big project concluded by AMS AERO, important not only on professional level but also for its environmental / sustainability values.

We are proud to announce  we concluded partial aircraft exterior paint and livery change project on a Global 6000 for our customer who aims and is committed to Carbon Neutrality by 2025 all the fleet.

Our dedicated team treated aircraft’s exterior surfaces against corrosion and applied certified aviation color paint resisted to severe weather condition and low temperatures.

Aircraft is operational again and back in the sky, adhering the highest environmental standards for emission reduction.

Bombardier CL604 - Repair & Maintenance

 – Dear friends, and business partners, we are proud to announce we concluded as planned the first large 96 months inspection on Bombardier CL604 on airframe and landing gears OVH, including systems and structural repairs, paint, and partly cabin refurbishment.

Team work is the best “ special tool” for any challenge. A big THANK YOU to all the team, for hard work and dedication. We continue……