Intelligent Lightweight Composite Aircraft Container

A 3,5-year European project (Horizon 2020 – Clean Sky2), funding by European Union, coordinated by Avionics Greece SA and Aerospace Management and Support PCC, and developed by one association of companies and universities, has been completed successfully.

Our team committed to the highest level of quality in fulfilling its mission and tasks, delivered to Clean Sky 2 and AIRBUS official committees, the final product “An Intelligent Container”.

Composed mainly of aluminum and steel with dimensions 598x598x150mm and weight 90 Kg, specific container is designed to fit aircraft platforms like Airbus 320 series, but it is further considered to be developed for the air-cargo industry.

The outlined approach entailed the design, develop, manufacture and validation of a new intelligent lightweight aircraft cargo container (ULD) with integrated functions for restrain, transportation, fire/smoke suppression, with sensing and wireless monitoring capabilities.

Substantial impact is anticipated on the CleanSky program, the reduction of aircraft payload and weight, safety, maintenance, and lean aircraft operation processes. INTELLICONT will be a game changer for the air-cargo industry with substantial broader impact on air-cargo handling operations.