Having in place a suppliers’ network of world leading Aviation Manufacturers and Suppliers, approved by our Quality Department, AMS AERO can offer logistics support, providing at the same time, parts’ traceability and warranty that all Aviation standards and regulations are respected. AMS AERO can provide a significant range of New/Used Avionics equipment, instruments, and spare parts, quickly and efficiently. All Serviceable and Overhauled equipment is supplied with EASA Form 1 or/and FAA 8130-3 or other certificates and warranty support.

Our 24/7, 365 days per year, Rental- Exchange Logistics support, and our in-house Stock of Main Units, Spares Parts and Consumables, enables AMS AERO to significantly reduce:

  • Response time,
  • Delivery time,
  • Turn Around Time & Consequently
  • AOG time